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The game is in development and will be released during 2022.

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Something ominous is in the air. The landscape is bleak and devoid of any living soul. It wasn't always like this. A group of adventurers know their stuff. But only you can untangle the spindle of fate.





  • The innovative game system will draw you in and never let go.

  • The classic RPG and roguelike elements you love so much.

  • Explore vast areas, hiding powerful artifacts and cult items, as well as mythical creatures.

  • Magical cards that you find and upgrade as you wander and build powerful decks of cards.

  • Many dark places, inhabited by ruthless guardians who guard the keys to portals and prevent heroes from advancing using their weapons and abilities.

  • 5 determined heroes, who will become invincible beasts as you make their way through the campaign.

  • Ancient artifacts, hidden or available from merchants.

  • Cult items that, once found, can never be taken from the heroes' hands.

This is not the only thing you will find in the game! Above all, you'll find a sense of satisfaction when you defeat another guardian and move forward. And that's only thanks to your wits, your judgement and your indomitable determination.

Please add Dungeon: Faster and Deadlier to your Wishlist and help us get this great adventure ready for you as soon as possible!

The game is based on the tried and improved mechanics of my older game Dungeon Faster.

Pavel Sirucek



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Hero, warrior, the world needs you!

Earth is threatened by a terrifying paranormal terror. The long dead are coming back to life, machines are turning against humans, and mysterious mutations are consuming all living things. Join our secret organization and fight evil. Help us avert panic and the ensuing apocalypse! Time is running out. Join us!

Colonel Trauman, signed in his own hand

Paranormal Terror Special Forces (P.T.S.F.)

The P.T.S.F. Field Manual:

In a simple but very effective way, you control two heroes who cover for each other and help each other with their weapons, experience and skills. Each hero can be upgraded and equipped with buffs in each mission to multiply their strength and abilities.

You can tactically deploy your heroes like in Tower Defense games and mow down hordes of enemies. But sometimes you have to use your wits to outsmart your enemies, because the battlefield is full of traps and surprises. Each hero also has a special active and passive ability. These abilities can turn around a nearly lost battle. It's up to you how effectively you can use them.

Each hero has their own favourite weapon that can be upgraded. But that's not all. Each hero can unlock a unique and more powerful weapon and upgrade it further.
Many values can be researched and upgraded for weapons. For example, dispersion, damage dealt, efficiency curve and much more.

You will fight intensely in many places around the world. However, you can choose whether you have the time and inclination to complete easy, normal or hard missions. Depending on the difficulty, you will be rewarded with medals for winning the mission, which will guarantee an increase in your organization's prestige. The procedural generation of missions in turn guarantees an infinite number of battlefields.

The organization's secret base contains everything needed to wage a secret battle against paranormal terror. It is important to keep the battle secret to avoid global panic and a much faster destruction of the world. At the base you can assemble your team, investigate unknown entities, plan missions and much more. But most importantly, you can track your progress through the game and check the prestige you've earned. This is because prestige will unlock a lot of additional content and bonuses in the game.

In the missions await you diverse enemies. Zombies, space invaders, mutated creatures as well as fighting machines and robots - these all threaten our world. But be careful! Epic bosses are waiting for the opportunity to thwart your plans. Nerve-jangling boss fights await. Defeat them for rare resources and bonuses. Research them and use the results of your research to fight them. 

Disarmed enemies are transported to the base and subjected to research.
The goal of research is to fight the enemy more effectively and gain bonuses and resources from defeated enemies. Research takes time, but can also be accelerated. You can gain valuable information and an advantage for your next fight in no time.

Once hostile entities are properly researched, their trophies can be sold off. This is another source of considerable revenue for our organization. At the same time, exploring enemies unlocks achievements. But there are many more achievements waiting to be unlocked.

The threat of the apocalypse is now awakening! Join us while there's still time. News of more locations, enemies and heroes is leaking out! It's up to you how the world deals with the coming threat!

Avert the apocalypse, fight back!

Apocalypse Heroes Comics
to be continued ...
The finalist for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2020
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DUNGEON FASTER, an original hybrid of dungeon crawler, turn-based strategy, and card game. It's the roguelike from hell!

  • Defeat the boss in each room to get the key and continue deeper into the dungeon!

  • Use every resource to your advantage!

  • Use cards, treasures, and especially your own wits to level up

  • destroy the enemies and conquer the dungeon!


Many different characters for you to play! Each character is unique! Play as the beautiful Paladyna or the sneaky Thiefo! Each character has one special card and a special ability.



Full of terrifying monsters who are angry that their parents gave them weird names! Wherewulf! Zombiebie! Skeletoon and more!


Build your own custom deck to defeat your enemies! Cards can be upgraded permanantly so you will always be getting more powerful!



Traverse a deep dungeon with many rooms full of treasure! But beware! That treasure belongs to someone else and they aren't going to be happy you're stealing it!



The dungeon is full of items that can either help or hurt you! get all your cards burned by an incinerator or hurt the enemies by the voodoo doll!



Power up yourself up as much as possible before fighting the boss! If you're super strong you can kill him in one hit! If you're super weak YOU might be the one who gets killed in one hit!


If the enemy is in sight and you are trying to discover the room, of course he will start attacking you first. But if you tap the flag that appears in the room between the characters, your hero or his sidekick starts fighting and then the parties alternate in strokes.

Fight for GLORY and LOOT. Especially LOOT!


TIGERS! Waves of Tanks

TIGERS! Waves of Tanks for mobile phones

My debut indie title TIGERS! Waves of Tanks.

Avaliable on Google Play store now!

An arcade game playable with a single finger! Can be played offline with the campaign mode!

First released on February 2018!

Control an Armored Train's Cannon to destroy enemy tanks. Evasive maneuvers, aiming, and firing can all be done with a single finger!


Every tank can be destroyed by a single shot - you just have to find their weak spot!

Use your aresenal of 75mm, high explosive, and armour piercing rounds to tear through your enemies and the environment! There's even a flamethrower!


Loading Screen

press to zoom
Fight in Village 1
Fight in Village 1

Fight in Village 1

press to zoom
Fight in Village 2
Fight in Village 2

Fight in Village 2

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Fight in Desert Storm
Fight in Desert Storm

Fight in Desert Storm

press to zoom

Can in support with...

  • ASTRIKE - An airstrike that destroys all the tanks on the battlefield!

  • MINES - Lay landmines that destroy any enemies that trigger them!

  • TRAPS - Utilise anti-tank traps to form the perfect defence!

  • HP plus - Upgrade the tankiness of your tank!

Fight on different battlefields, collect medals, sell and buy ammunition, improve your rank, and complete missions!