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TIGERS! Waves of Tanks

TIGERS! Waves of Tanks for mobile phones

My first project on which I worked like the Indie is TIGERS! Waves of Tanks.

You can download this arcade game from Google Play store.

An arcade game controled by one finger which you can play offline and contains singleplayer missions. 

The game were released on the Google Play Store in February 2018.

The Player controls an Armored Train's Cannon and tryies to destroy enemy tanks. Evasive maneuvers and aiming are done by the player tapping into the battlefield and the command to fire is confirmed by tapping on the armored train.

Each tank type can be destroyed by one shot - each tank has a weak spot.

You can use Standard 75mm,  HE (high exlosive), AP (armor piersing) ammunition and flamethrower to devastate enemies and environment.

You can use the support calls:

  • ASTRIKE - Invokes an airstrike and destroys all the tanks on the battlefield with the minimum score. Bombed tanks are counted into the destroyed.

  • MINES - Player can place the mine on the battlefield where the circle of crosshair is. The mine will activated in 5 seconds and will destroy vehicles if these will drive too close.

  • TRAPS - Tapping on the icon will build an anti-tank trap in the place where the circle of the sights is located. This is destroyed after a certain time when it is in contact with the tank. It can be removed by a shot. It resists some hits so it's excellent for defense.

  • +HP - Adds 1 hitpoint to the armored train, but maximally to the starting value.

You can fight on different battlefields where everyone will looks different. You can collect medals, sell or buy ammunition, improve your rank, complete the missions etc.

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